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Accounting Referee

What is an “Accounting Referee”?

An “Accounting Referee” is a commonly used alternative dispute resolution process wherein an independent third-party assists disputing parties, either directly or through attorneys, to resolve a joint venture dispute in lieu of undertaking more complex and expensive legal action such as mediation, arbitration, or a lawsuit.  The disputing parties select a credible and independent third party to act as an accounting referee based on experience and expertise who will analyze the data and information provided by each party and “make the call” to determine the financial or other responsibilities of each party, with each side agreeing to be bound by the accounting referee’s decision. 

Martindale’s decades of joint interest and revenue experience, agreement negotiations, and litigation support allows us to have the independence and breadth and depth of expertise and experience the disputing parties are looking for in an accounting referee to deliver unbiased, equitable results.